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Court administration

The activities of court administration are coordinated, by the President of the Court Snežana Stevović, Judge of the First Basic Court in Belgrade.

Vice president of the Court, Violeta Saveljić Dolašević, Vice president of the Court, Olivera Đurić,

Secretary of the Court, Bojana Bjelica Jurleka.

Activities of court administration serve to exercise judical power, providing the necessary conditions for legal and prompt functioning of the court. As court administration activities are deemed all tasks defined by law, Rules of the Procedure of the Court and pertain to internal organisation, in particular:

  • organisation of court's internal functioning;
  • adopting of general and individual acts pertaining to systematisation, internal organisation, working relations and other general acts regulating the functioning of the court;
  • consideration of complaints and remonstrances;
  • financial and material functioning of the court;
  • notariyation of documents intended for use abroad;
  • professional tasks related to exercasing rights, duties and responsibilities of court staff;
  • activities related to professional development and training of judges and court staff;
  • tasks related to managing court buildings and immobilities assigned to court's use;
  • tasks related to collectionof court taxes;
  • other activities pertaining to internal organisation and functioning of the court, when defining by law or other general document of the court;
  • complying statistical reports;
  • calling and assignment of jurors;
  • activities pertaining to court experts and interpreters;